Artículos JCR 2021

Autores: C. García, J. M. Soriano,V. Cortes, S. Sevilla-Navarro, C. Marin,  J. L. Balaguer, and P. Catala-Gregori. Título: Monitoring serologic response to single in ovo vaccination with an immune complex vaccine against infectious bursal disease in broilers. Referencia revista: Poultry Science, In Press   Autores: L. Lorenzo-Rebenaque, D. J. Malik, P. Catalá-Gregori, C. Marin, S. Sevilla-Navarro. Título: In vitro and In vivo gastrointestinal survival of non-encapsulated and microencapsulated Salmonella bacteriophages: implications for bacteriophage therapy in poultry. Referencia revista: Pharmaceuticals, 14, 434.   Autores: L.Montoro-Dasi, A. Villagra, S. Sevilla-Navarro, M. T. Pérez-Gracia, S. Vega, C. Marin. Título: Commensal Escherichia coli antimicrobial resistance and multidrug-resistance dynamics during broiler growing period: Commercial vs. Imrpoved farms conditions. Referencia revista: Animals, 11, 1005.