Artículos JCR 2007

Autores: V. García, P. Catalá-Gregori, F. Hernández, M.D. Megías, J. Madrid.

Título: Effect of formic acid and plant extracts on growth, nutrient digestibility, intestine mucosa morphology, and meat yield of broilers.

Referencia revista: Journal of Applied Poultry Research, Volumen 16, Páginas 555-562.

Autores: V. García, P. Catalá-Gregori, J. Madrid, F. Hernández, M.D. Megías, H.M. Andrade-Montemayor.

Título: Potential of carvacrol to modify in vitro rumen fermentation as compared with monensin.

Referencia revista: Animal, Volumen 1, Páginas 675-680.

Autores: P. Catalá-Gregori, V. García, J. Madrid, J. Orengo, F. Hernández.

Título: Response of broilers to feeding low-calcium and total phosphorus wheat-soybean based diets plus phytase: Performance, digestibility, mineral retention and tibiotarsus mineralization.

Referencia revista: Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Volumen 87, Páginas 563-569.