Artículos JCR 2008

Autores: P. Catalá-Gregori, S. Mallet, A. Travel, J. Orengo, M. Lessire. Título: Efficiency of a prebiotic and a plant extract alone or in combination on broiler performance and intestinal physiology. Referencia revista: Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Volumen 88, Páginas 623-629.   Autores: V. García, P. Catalá-Gregori, J. Madrid, J. Orengo, F. Hernández. Título: Polysaccharidase preparations added to a wheat-based diet: effects on performance and digestive parameters of broiler chickens held at three different locations. Referencia revista: British Poultry Science, Volumen 49, Páginas 164-175.